Meridian’s premier bin cleaning & power washing service

We disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize your bacteria-infested trash and recycling cans!

My name is Tyler Kepler and I am the owner of Meridian Bin Clean. I am a firm believer in spending quality time with family. I’ve worked in the corporate world for, well, far too long. I worked too much overtime, worked on the weekends, working late at night and throughout the night. I got to the point of no return. This is where my adventure begins.

I can professionally clean your garbage bins with °200+ water, pressure washing your home, surface clean your driveways, walkways, fences, and… well the sky’s the limit!

Not only does this give me time back to spend with my family, but it also gives you time back to enjoy with your family as well. I take pride in everything I do and will constantly strive to exceed your expectations.

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Clean Up

We’ll stop by after your cans have been emptied to clean them with our custom built high-pressure, high-temperature trash can cleaning machine.


No more holding your breath every time you open up your cans. They’ll be disinfected, sanitized, and deodorized!


Why do my bins need to be cleaned?

Most people know their bins are dirty, but they don’t understand the dangers of the long-term buildup of microorganisms, viruses and harmful bacteria that happens over time. This can also attract pests and rodents to scavenge your trash and recycling bins. We recommend cleaning your bins at least once a month.

How do you clean the bins?

Our state of the art pressure washing system is what keeps your cans spotless. First, the hydraulic lift places your stinky can above our pressurized spray head. Water then travels from our 200-gallon clean water tank into our water heater. The water then passes from the water heater and into the cleaning unit. From there, the water shoots out at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, at a pressure of 3500 psi and on a 360-degree rotation to get rid of all dirt and grime. The water used runs back into our double filtration system to collect all of the debris. The dirty water is then pumped back into a separate 200-gallon dirty water tank. That water is then properly disposed of at a waste station following all of the cleans. There is a separate handheld power washer attached for cleaning the exterior of the can.

What if my bins are collected on different days?

When you schedule your cleaning you will be given the option to select a second collection day at check out.

Do you offer a referral program?

We do! Simply have your referral put your name in the comments at check out and once they pay their first month your next cleaning will be totally free!

Do you work with HOAs?

Yes! Due to the high demand for our services, it often makes sense for our can cleaning to be included in your neighborhood’s HOA program. Please Contact Us for more details.

Are there any contracts?

Nope! Although we bill monthly or bi-monthly you can cancel your service at any time.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for all of our plans via our pricing page by clicking here.

Can I gift a cleaning to a friend or neighbor?

Yes! We love to encourage the gift of clean garbage cans! As long as the recipient is within our cleaning routes, we are happy to help you spread the love. Please contact us with the address of the cleaning and we can add their services to your existing account for billing. If you want to simply gift a one-time cleaning, we can accommodate that as well. Should the recipient sign up for recurring cleanings, you get a free month of services on us!

Can I change my billing method?

Absolutely! Just give us a call and our team can help you out.

My bin wasn’t spotless after my service, why?

On very rare occasions, some bins are EXTREMELY dirty.It can take a few cleanings to fully remove the built-up grime from these cans that haven’t been cleaned in several years.Please note that some stains, such as paint or dried tar cannot be removed completely by our cleaning services.

How do I cancel?

You can call us direct on 208-284-2221

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we carry a full auto and commercial insurance policy.

When will my bins be cleaned?

We do next day cleanings so we’re not running all over town hoping the bins have been emptied. This way, your bins are empty and ready to be cleaned. The day before we come out, you’ll receive a notification as a reminder to keep your bins empty.